Don’t cry over spilt milk.

Don’t cry over spilt milk.

Wait until it gets cheese you want. ^^;

To learn from the past means,

that it will never annoy you. (as long as you have learned something from the event.)

that it will be changed into the lesson we should learn.

So, never make RW back to the past.

If you learn something from it, you can lead a happier life.

Wait until it gets cheese.

From the concrete cheese, you may find some holes you have lost.

But, without that holes, you cannot get the best taste of the cheese.

A life might be a cheese you create. ^^

Don’t cry over the spilt milk.

Wait until it gets good cheese.

Thank you.

masato(Marty G.)



The next moment you experience should be…

Today, I have to inform you that there is a Heaven Ball or a Hell Ball ahead, in front of you.

For example,

on the 7th layer, the Heaven Number consists of 7, so it gives you back 70% of your good/bad karma.

So, good people can stay in Heaven comfortably.

But, bad people cannot stay in Heaven comfortably because 70% of his bad karma comes back to them.

On the 7th layer, 1770i is the Heaven Number.

The first 1 means TCP, where your body can touch something.  It belongs to the Odd Number Layers.

(3, 5, 7, 9)

If this number means UDP, where your body cannot touch anything, it should belong to the Even Number Layers.

(4, 6, 8, 10)

Heaven or Hell is the atmosphere we can feel with our whole body.

In the 1770i Heaven, I mean 7i, 1(on the present TCP layer,) 77.0% of your karma returns back to you.

Heaven LithtΘ×77.0%×Love Ball(Spiritual Level)×Heaven Ball(Good Karma) goes toward you.

Heaven Light comes to you through your Heaven Ball, and you’ll get relaxed and you’ll feel this is Heaven.

If we die?

Our bodies go into the light mode, into the UDP layer, 4, 6, 8, 10, where we cannot touch anything.

So, in the 10th layer, 000i, which you have already got inside your soul, you can feel Heaven Only☆

This is where your souls should be placed, and your entire Ghost Bodies. ^^

Harvest stays on the layer 5, 550i.


Heaven returns back 55.0% of your karma toward you.

This way, you have both Love Ball(Spiritual Level) and Heaven Ball(Your Good Karma) inside you.

No matter where you are, you can be in Heaven as long as you have plenty of Love Ball and Heaven Ball.

Love Ball stays in your heart(000i), where your soul stay, and in the 2nd chakra(400i), in the 4th chakra(600i), in the 6th chakra(800i).

Heaven Ball stays in your 1st chakra, the 3rd chakra, the 5th chakra, and the 7th chakra.

Love Ball is the θ light, which has Love Power, making some miracles.

If a devil should make a curse to somebody, the light can erase the devil’s settings very easily.

But, that devil’s curse doesn’t go toward the Heavenly Side.

Love Light×Love Ball×Hell Ball⇒Devils.

Curse should be between the Hell Ball and the Devils.

Love Power goes down to the Devils with his own curses.

So, bad people cannot do any bad things toward the Heavenly Side.

As long as you have Heaven Ball, and Love Ball inside you, your organs and your bodies are already surrounded with Ethel Body.

This Ethel Body can lead you to the moderate Heaven directly without any pains.

For Example, 300i people can go to 400i, just upward his Heaven Layer.

But don’t worry.

If you have graduated from Honeybees, your Heaven Ball reaches 550i.

You can go up to the 600i UDP Heaven, where Harvest exists. (In the Atlantis Galaxy.)

You see? ^^

If you should be sent to the Hell by some Gods or Goddess they call themselves,

Tap “P0 (P-Zero,)” which makes you sent to the 0 point, where UDP Light Exists.

And you can stay in the moderate ground on the Odd Number Layer.

This is all for today.

Thank you.

masato (Marty G.)