Atlantis Rebel α(Alpha)

I made an Atlantis Rebel α(Alpha.)

It is made from the Alpha Waves.

High pulse, high dimension.

It eases your pains, and makes you relaxed.

I strongly suggest you should have one for your own health.

Especially, after the bath, before going to bed.

I’m sure you feel much lighter.

Please take care.

Thank you.

P.S. I feel little pains and feel much healthier.

Mail System

I finally set up my soul mates’ mail system.

My family members are now using their account, set up by my fingers.

Too many entries. ^^;

During the work, we can’t send any messages to anybody,

So, this work was much harder than I expected.

This work may continue… ^^;

And this is a good news.

My waist has got better, to walk easily.

I hope I can ride my motorbike again. ^^

Thank you.


Staying at home

You know, I can’t go outside.

Waistache goes on.

Since I twisted my waist, I have been in trouble in going downstairs.

I need spare backbones. ^^;

I created the android body, and a seraphim body for my own.

To get stronger.

Strong enough, when fighting.

But too much gamma made it impossible for me to move smoothly.

I have to rebuild my body again, from zero.

My enemies try doing damage to my body.

Very harmful.


X-ray with some poison will do them good. (Good?)

Most of them are alive-ghosts, so.

What kind of poison do they hate?



Not bad.

I’ll keep some scorpions in my room. ^^


Good. ^^

The visitors from the outer space should go through the desert I create in my room.

I’ll ride on the carpet.

The moon should be blue, of course.

No camels around here, it’s very difficult to find ones.

My enemies will go dried soon.

I should hurry.

Sorry.  It’s time to make a desert now.

I’ll name the desert ‘Super DRY.’

Thank you.


Waistache Again

I twisted my waist this morning, and I can’t move well. ^^;

41 years old, no wonder.

Well, do you remember…?

— How to rebuild your body —

1. “Go Atlantis!”

2. “Atlantis Rebel xx(age)” (Mine is; ‘Atlantis Rebel 21’)

3. “Adapt your options; smaller head, smooth skin, and long legs, e.g.)”

4. “Zen Fuwa!”

5. “Kuru-kuru.” twice. (on the ground)

All command need taps.

Everybody can do this.

Get more beautiful and let’s have a happy life.

I’m going to make a Fix Rebel for my waist now.

Thank you.