The 9th dimension Earth

We are moving to the 9th dimension Earth.

This is concerned with “The great era of Aquarius.”

Spiritual Revolution.

And the beginnng of 1,000 year Heaven.

Just tap on top of your head, saying “17.”

If you’ve reached the 14th Atlantis People,

You’ll get a total body again on the 9th Earth.

17 Atlantis Rebel is required.

Make a Zen Fuwa, and come to this beautiful 9th Earth.

After learning a lot from New Harvest, and the Star New Delta.

Thank you. ^^


For the youth,

Do what you want to do, listening to your inner soul.

Do what you can only today.

Time goes so fast.

If you’re satisfied with the life you create,

you’re done. ^^

I’ll go farther.

So that I can lead you better.

But, please remember.

There’s love, everywhere.

When love fills somebody, he/she becomes happy.

Be the one who can make somebody happy.

In return, you will get a lot of love.

So, even if you feel loneliest,

You’re not the only one.

If you want love, provide love for another.

Love is priceless.

Even the richest man cannot buy love.

But, you can create love for free.

Just love the nature, and the woods will guide you to a better place.

Ask the woods.

Remember the things you learn on Harvest or somewhere.

The same space, we share.

We hope this entire world will be filled with harmony.

Thank you.


Izakaya Masato

Now you can enjoy your favorite dishes at Izakaya Masato on the Star New Delta again.

Izakaya Masato has been rebuilt for children, for students, and for every customer.

New-looking walls are nice.

Tap your fingers, and you’ll be served. ^^

Best regards,


Thank you.



I mean the application, of Linux.

With squid service, a proxy server can be settled.

I’m using it for the speed of the internet connection.

By setting the local address and the port it uses,

the net speed gets faster than it used to be.

It is because once the server gets the information from a site,

it makes caches.

My notebook doesn’t have to fetch directly from a site.

Because MUSE has the cashes of the site that I fetched from another PC.

MUSE is the name of my Linux Server.

She once was called Pandora, named after the Pandora Box.

Even if I should lose everything, dream and hope would be left.


My dream and hope are inside Pandora, and Grampus Turbo+.

With Saku-Saku Ghz, it is running.

I hope someday MUSE will get another Core i5 or Xeon.

Thank you.



I came back, and uploaded some pictures of cherry blossoms.

Have a look at them!


Thank you. ^^



I’m going out today. ^^

For Sakura.(Cherry Blossoms)

To take pictures, I’ll take a ride.

There is a small park near my house,

about 10 minutes’ ride.

I installed ‘The professional eyes for shutter chances.’

and ‘The skill of taking warm atmosphere.’

Good views, I hope for.

Anyway, after taking some pictures, I’ll upload them to Sola, or Sakura on my webpage.

Click the letters to the left.

Sola (Sakura, later)

Thank you.



I created another Space, this time, for your brains.

To get this space, tap on top of your head, saying, “Cosmo.”

No hell below it.

Above us only sky.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

I hope some day you’ll join us.

And the world will be one.

You are to hold one of your own space, which surrounds this entire universe.

Yes, your outer space is the real world.

And the space size you are going to have for your own depends on your Heaven’s Level.

The higher, the larger.

But, please remember.  This whole world exists, for anybody.

So, I set this Cosmo as a great Heaven.

14th Atlantis People (or above) can edit your brains as you like.

e.g.) This is the settings of my own brains:

・No animals can come into my brains. No more aliens.

・I can remember everything I don’t want to forget.

・Only good people can come upon my mind, etc…

Like this. ^^

Edit your brains as you want.  Your brains will get some good omens or something by Cosmo.

Bless you.

Thank you.


In the density 3.75,

* First, you should be careful about the Heaven’s Level you reach.

(Only14th heaven people or above can do this.)

With your vital, you can create anything by using the light of your own star.

But, it can be dangerous if you use up your vital.(meaning the end of your life.)

So, in your dream or at the Star New Delta,

when you’re in the density of 3.75,

you can enjoy creating things in 3.75 mode.

But, you should reach the 14th heaven.

I won’t lend my light, but you can create things from your aura, (θ、preferable.)

If this is not good for everyone, I will stop this setting.

Creating things can be dangerous because you might reincarnate into the things you create, someday.

And you’ll get tired soon.

Good karmas lead you to heaven, so, don’t hurry up.

Someday, you may be one of the petit creators.

Thank you.

e.g.) You can create the things you lost that were your favorite.

* but you cannot create creatures; lest you should want to reincarnate the creatures you create.


I updated my Linux by using ‘yum update’ today.

I thought I had installed gd, but not yet. ^^;

A new gd has been installed successfully onto my machine,

and it got faster.

Sola, you know, can indicate almost all the pictures in a moment.

Thanks to Linux, my web site is quite fine.

When it comes to servers, I like Linux best.

Thank you.



The Fish Shop Gone

When I arrived there, I found no fish shop.

They were gone. ^^;

Instead, I went for a bakery.

There I bought Katsu-Sand.

With some coffee, I ate it. ^^

Ohana-mi season is coming soon.

Under Cherry Blossoms, we feel spring with all our senses.

Only once in a year, they get in full bloom and go with the wind.

But they come back next spring.

We are so looking forward to seeing Sakura soon.

Thank you.


Date for a fish

Today I’m going out for a date.

To a Fish Shop.

By motorbike.

It sounds strange, but fun. ^^

In my backpack with Lovelin, I’ll take a ride.

Not in the supermarket, but in the fish shop,

there are so many fresh fishes at lower prices.

Osashi-mi, I’m going to buy.

Chibi-chibi style?  Goooood.

Wait there, fishes.

I’m gonna get you!

Thank you.


Good morning. ^^

This is not my original, but a funny joke. (This is a fiction story.)


A big ship was sailing across the ocean.

Though no boats were there, a boy fell into the sea.

“Who save him first?” an attendant said.

All the American jumped into the ocean.

“You are to jump into the ocean here.”

All the German jumped into the ocean.

“Everyone is jumping into the ocean!”

All the Japanese jumped into the ocean.

I read it from American Jokes.

Thank you.


( >▽)ゞ Sleepy #2

I want to go out for a ride,

but I’m too sleepy.

I want to eat out for a date,

but I’m too sleepy.

Inside my wallet, only 1,000 yen left.

I have to wait for the next 25th.

I remembered I charged some gas to my motorbike.

If I should lose all the money, motorbike is left.


I’ll take a nap.

Thank you.


Flea Market on PC parts

Next Sunday, (JST 10:00 a.m.) we are going to have the 3rd Flea Market on PC parts.

In Seijin Square on the Star New Delta (where Izakaya-Masato was.)

From 10:00 in the morning,

At 80% price, you can sell and buy the PC parts.

If you intend to buy a new one, why not sell the old parts to others?

At 80% price, but you can get ones at 80%, too.

No fees.

Your children might learn how to sell and buy things.

Let’s talk over the prices.

Lower prices may bring you good luck.

Don’t forget.

10:00 in the morning at Seijin Square on the Star New Delta.

Coming soon!

Thank you.


Nap Rebel

Dear Readers,

I made Nap Rebels for Atlantis People.

In the Nap Rebel, you are in the highest heaven you’ve reached.

For example, the 14th Heaven People are surrounded with the 14th Atlantis Heaven in the rebel.

The light of θ protects your whole body.

No pains, no agony.

To make a nap rebel of your own, just tap, saying “Nap Rebel.”

It will ease your mind and refresh you.

Thank you.



I used to go to Pool Bars, when I was around 20.

It was early in the 1990’s.

There was one near Shin-Yokohama Sta, where my friend and I went by motorbike.

During nighttime, we played on.

9 balls.

The Bar was old fashioned, and the balls were always rubbed with silk.

We bet a canned-coffee or something.

Or 500 yen for a match.

I learned how to win, and how to lose.

Good old days. ^^

After 20 years, my eyes are not as good as before,

(I lost it at Pachi-Slot table.)

I’m not so good at playing it.

Today, I gave my kids cues.

I tapped my fingers, and created them.

I gave them an order;

“Play like a handsome lad!  As a gentleman.”

They are now playing 9 balls with fun.

I may be a hustler. ^^

Thank you.


Vector into Heaven

Have you mastered “Zen Fuwa,” by making your own Atlantis Rebel yet?

Today, I’ll tell you how to move between planets, which belong to Heaven in the Atlantis Galaxy.

1. “θ!” (Tap.)

2. “Atlantis Rebel!” (Tap.)

3. “Zen Fuwa!” (Tap.)

4. “Go to xxxx(destination)!” (Tap.)

5  (on the ground) “Kuru-kuru.” “Kuru-kuru.” (Tap.)

The movement you make is not drawn in the lines.

I mean, if you call the desitination and tap your fingers,

You’ll know you have already reached there.

This is like a teleportation, the system is like this.

When you make your body into the light mode,(Fuwa-Fuwa mode,)

Your body’s density becomes 3.75. (thinner, and the pulse gets faster.)

In the Atlantis Rebel, the dimension becomes the SAME as that of the Atlantis Galaxy.

In other words, you move in the same space (made of the Atlantis Galaxy.)

So, if you’ve reached 12th heaven, your Atlantis Rebel will be the 12th Atlantis Rebel,

inside the rebel is the 12th Atlantis Galaxy, which is the same as Harvest.

13th, New Harvest,

If you’ve reached 14-16th Heaven, your Atlantis Rebel will be 17th Atlantis Rebel.

To get to the 9th Earth.

This means that your spiritual level gets to 14th, you can go to…

(inside the 17th Atlantis Galaxy)

・the Star New Delta (:the planet where Izakaya-Masato was.— Sorry, it’s now closed.)

・the Star New Beta (;the planet where no money is needed.)

・the 9th Earth

Love consists of light, as I wrote before,

only those who have love can move directly to the heaven.

Nobody wants to go to Hell, of course.

So, if you make yourself a mosquito, the minimum happiness is promised.

That is; to get into a better person and lead a happier life with mates.

I wrote about it in Mosquito, Chapter X.

Read it for fun, please. ^^

It is not so bad to reincarnate into another creature.

How about some bees?

Thank you.


The Spring Wind

I went for a short touring this morning.

Only 4-5kms, but it was wonderful.

Cold winter is gone.

Spring has come.

Spring has come as my fingers never shiver.

Spring has come as gentle winds come through both my cheeks.

How long I’ve longed for this season!

Cherry blossoms are ready for their bloom.

In three weeks, they will present us the most beautiful moment in a year.

I hope it’ll come soon.

Thank you.


RHCP Republic

Red Hot Chili Peppers Republic is on the Harvest.

They grow a lot of RHCP on the field.

To avoid our enemies, I gave some powers to RHCP.

Dogs hate hot foods.

Why don’t you reincarnate into RHCP on Harvest?

Command is; “θ, start reincarnating into Red Hot Chili Pepper!”

You’ll soon find why.

The hotter, the better.

You can point to outer-space aliens, saying “Splash!”

Red Hot Chili Peppers will save your body, your family and your children.

Thank you.


In China

In China, I am called “Mah-kun” too, I heard.

Mah(麻) means acne, that’s why.

So, the recipe “Mah-bo Doufu(麻婆豆腐)” derives from the recipe by an old lady with acne.

Chinese letters (we call them Kanji(漢字)) have their own meanings.

For example, ‘象(zou)’ means an elephant.

Look at the shape of the word ‘象.’

It expresses the shape of an elephant.

And my gout is getting better.

Gout is called 痛風.(Tsu-Fu,) as I wrote before.

痛 means the pains. 風 means the wind.

Only a gentle wind causes pains to my left toe.

Chinese letters have a lot of meanings.

Thank you.