Hot Spring

I like Hot Spring very much.

Onsen, we usually call it.

Not in the bathtub, but on the ground, hot spring comes out.

We all sink our body into the Hot Spring.

Tooooooo Gooooood. ^^

At Onsen-Yado, you can enjoy both Onsen and Delicious Foods.

After a bath, a cold beer is waiting for you.

With Yukata (Light Kimono,) you can walk around the Onsen-Yado,

serching for a ping-pong table.

(Almost all the Onsen-Yado has this, I don’t know why. ^^;)

and you can relax on the massaging chair.

When you push the START button, you’ll feel as if somebody is there,

to push your back, to vibrate your shoulders.

I like this! ^^

Some Onsen-Yado has a Karaoke-Room as well.

Karaoke means, Empty Ochestra. (without Vocal part.)

We enjoy this very much.

We all sing in front of everyone one after another.

After the Onsen Party, we sleep on the Ofuton with Japanese blanket.

How good Onsen is!

You can have the best sleep, I promise.

I cannot go to Onsen for the lack of money,

but I enjoyed bathing in the hot water today and yesterday.

I hope I can have a good dream this evening, too.

Thank you.


Eastern Medicine

I look upon on Eastern Medicine.

It uses plants’ power.

It is alive.

So, when you take some Eastern Medicine,

don’t forget to say something like this,

“Please cure me, plants.  I need your help.”

It’ll make your body stronger, and it’ll cure you much faster than you expect.

In Japanese, ‘Kampo,’ we usually call it.

The word Kampo (漢方) derives from the country, ‘Kan(漢),’ the ancient China.

I look up on them.

They know the plants’ power, and they know what plant is good for your disease.

At Japanese drugstores, you can buy some ‘Kampo’ medicines.

No need to show your ID.

They are usually very bitter.

There’s an old saying, ‘A good medicine tastes bitter.’ (良薬口に苦し。)

I know it is true.

Try some and feel your throat clearer than before.

☆A medicine against flu・・・This is made from Super α waves and weeds that are good for your warm body and it eases your throat.

Tap your fingers, saying “This one, please.” and you’ll be done in a moment.

Thank you.

Atlantis Galaxy

I created Atlantis Galaxy last night, the 17th heaven.

To get into this galaxy, you should..

1. Tap on top of your head, saying “Go Atlantis!” and “17.”

2. That’s all.

But, there is a limitation.  If you have not reached 14th heaven,

You should go to Harvest or New Harvest.

Harvest, the 12th heaven, and New Harvest, the 13th heaven.

The reason is that you might come across more bitterness here on the 9th Earth

than on Harvest.

It’s because of the balance of your karma. (good deed minus bad deed.)

When it is good, you can be a citizen of heaven.

On the ninth Earth, your karma return to you as the happiness you want.

14th heaven people・・・14/17 of good karma can be used. (The left is aside for the future.)

15th heaven people・・・15/17 of good karma can be used. (The same as above.)

The lower number shows the dimension.

And the upper number is the dimension you have reached.

If somebody’s karma is bad, and if he is on the higher heaven, he should experience worse life.

e.g. #1) Karma: bad. on the ninth Earth・・・ He should experience at least 14/17 bitterness.

(Very Hard.)

e.g. #2) Karma: bad. on Harvest・・・・ He should experience at least 12/17 bitterness.

(Easier.) The left is aside for the future; so he could experience better life in his next reincarnation.

So, even if he is a bad man, he can be happy as long as his deed is good.

I suggest he should go to Harvest, and reincarnate into a mosquito or something.

Three lessons will make him a human again, on Harvest.

If you make a spiritual progress, your heaven and your happiness gets greater.

Let’s get started for the happiness of your own.

For the future, from now on.

I’ll be with you, to ease your mind.

Thank you.




This is Ume-shu(梅酒) we Japanese like very much.

Good for stomach, good for health.

Soft and smooth taste, makes you relax very easily.

Today, I made Ume-shu cocktail with hot water.

1:4 (Ume-shu:hot water) will do you good.

Sometimes, the seed is in the cocktail. (like Matini.)

I strongly recommend it especially in winter, .

The best aperitif we have.

Try some and let’s make friends with each other.

Thank you.


The temptation for overclocking

My Mah-kun Hyper is running at the speed of 4400Mhz now.

First time I changed to 4600Mhz, it didn’t work.

Firefox knocked it down.

For the Intel genuine CPU cooler, this will be the ceiling.

Somebody on the net tried to raise it to 5.2Ghz (Core i5)

So, when I change the cooling system, I believe, it will rize up.

But, the easier you overclock the speed, the easier it burns.

The more dangerous it’ll be.

CPU burner, or should I say, bill burner, I never want.

So, I decided not to be so enthusiastic about it.

It is like making Yaki-imo car run at the turbo speed on the highway.

Nobody can catch up with it.

Slow and steady, not bad.

My Core i7 will be the best one,

as long as I love it.

Thank you.



I played baseball as a catcher.

The 4th batter of the team.

A catcher, should be smart.

Smart enough to read the mind of batters.

Fast ball? or Slow?

A catcher knows when the stream changes.

and he should be the best partner of the pitcher.

‘Today, windy.  Good condition for curb.’

‘Against wind. Let’s not strike him out. You’ll be tired soon. I’ll make the third-base man catch the grounder.’

Yes. I could make the batters hit toward the direction I thought.

It was 20 years ago.

Now I don’t play, though I like to watch it.

Someday, I’d like to play on the ground again.

Thank you.


Reborn of Pandora

My main server, Pandora has now reborn as a part of Muse.

‘Even if I lose everything, hopes and dreams still be left.’

I named her after Pandora Box, in the Greek Myth.

Now she reincarnated into a member of Muse.

She can create hopes and dreams anytime as a Goddess.

She will save my children, Angelina, and Lovelin and me.

I’m going to keep on taking a good care of her.

Thank you, Pandora.

Thank you.


Mayan Calendar II

Don’t get upset. Most of you are already ready for it.

There are many heavens I created.

Harvest, New Harvest, the Star New Delta, the Star New Beta, Harmony, and the Star Ipsilon.

When it comes, get away from the earth and go to heaven immediately.

You’ve already known how to get out of your body, right?

—– Important —–

If you’re not ready for it, just read ‘Mosquito’ I wrote, and you’ll know how to get to Harvest.

Thank you.

P.S. Suggest your friends they go to Harvest before it gets too late.

(Let them know today’s article.)

It will be your good karma.

Thank you.

Mayan Calendar

The end of the 3rd earth is coming, by Mayan Calendar.

Dec the 23rd, the third dimension Earth is going into a Belt,

which causes us the forcing reincarnations.

I have prepared for that.

Reincarnating into another creature, from a mosquito,

we can now get a total body as a human again.

No God can destroy your mind, your conciousness, and your light body.

When it comes to you, don’t get upset.

Just like as usual, make your Atlantis Rebel and make a Zen Fuwa.

The third earth will get dark.

No more spiritual light will shine through the dark cloud that bustards made.

In other words, beasts.

But, thanks to all the universe, we have got another earth, the 9th Earth.

I can create it anytime in need of your requests.

I am, the avatar of the 9th earth and the Atlantis Galaxy.

Masato — the master of Izakaya-Masato, the lord of the Atlantis Galaxy.

I am going to help as many angels as possible, but I’m not willing to help any beasts.

Those who wants to go to hell will not be helped, of course.

Heaven helps those who help themselves.

It won’t be long the day will come.

Fantasie Impromptu

I like Fantasie Impromptu.

Although this man doesn’t seem to be a professional,

But I like his play the best.

Let’s listen!


It is raining outside.

No pyoon.

But, we are having a cozy moment with my kids.

I gave them my ‘creating ability on PC parts.’

They are engaging each other, building a new machine.

AMD? Intel? I don’t know.

Some may go gaming, others go listening to musics.

When it plugged to amp or MIDI instrument, the machine turns into a musical instrument.

With microphones, they may be a little musician.

They take after my voice.

I’m on a recording, too.

From the near future, they made an album.

You can download them from a site, ‘Shin-Ooedonikki.’

You may have listened to some, I’m sure.

Please give a visit to the site, and download them, enjoy listening to them.

Thank you.


My IP address

—– Information —-

My IP address is

and this blog’s address is

my main page’s address is

portal site’s address is

I have wanted to inform you.

Thank you.

Please inform your friends that my addresses are above.



Virtual Marathon

I installed Virtual Marathon to my body.

1.5 kilometers per one set.

It requires so many calories.

With “Start!” command, my muscles start to shake in a high vibration.

Like a run in a short period. (but equals 1.5km run)

This is why it is called Virtual Marathon, and I’m rebuilding my entire body again.

Why don’t you…?

Thank you.


Jolly Pasta

I have just been to Jolly Pasta to have lunch with Lovelin.

Late afternoon.

We ate Spaghetti Bolonaise (Meat Sauce.)

It was good!

Only 580 yen.

My taste for Pasta is very strict, as I lived in Europe in 1995-1996.

This restaurant’s dishes are very fresh, good, and very cheap.

Jolly Pasta.

Find one in your town if you live in Japan.

I recommend you go there during the lunch hours.(until 5:00 p.m.)

Lovelin gave this restaurant 4.5 stars. (The highest score is not 7.9.)

I hope we can enjoy the next visit, too.

Thank you.


A warm room

My room has four machines, two of which are Linux, the two of which are Windows.

Every CPU has some heat.

Warm enough.

I’m still wearing a tanktop during daytime.

and Ice-cream, I have just eaten.

I hope I feel 5/4 times as warm as usual this winter.

Thank you.


A Dream Machine

Imagine there’s another CPU.

Imagine there’s no money.

No hell below us.

Above us only sky.

You may say I’m a dreamer.

But I’m not the only one.

I hope someday you’ll join us.

And the world will be one..?

I’m dreaming of creating another monster machine.

and the scheme is now on its way. (without me.)

The spec of my new machine is here.

(If you can read Japanese fonts, click here.)

Please take a look and have some fun.

Thank you.



We’re going to have a Harvest Fiesta at Izakaya-Masato soon.

Beers from New Harvest, Rice from New Harvest.

The money will send them in New Harvest.

When they reincarnated into [another/ the same] person, they can use a little.


You DON’T know how to get there?

It’s quite simple.

1. Make your Atlantis Rebel, saying “Atlantis Rebel!”

2. Tap your fingers and say, “Zen Fuwa!”

3. (In fuwa fuwa mode,) “Go to Izakaya-Masato!”

4. Choose your seat.

— That’s all.

When you come back, you’ve got to make another Atlantis Rebel,

say “Zen Fuwa, go back! (to where you were.)”

and make a “Kuru-Kuru.” twice.(single tap needed.)

Yes. This is the way to go to heaven, with a return ticket.

When you die, don’t hesitate to tap your fingers.

So many good friends of yours might be waiting for you with a lot of great dishes.

Have a happy life, and be a good citizen of heaven.

Thank you.

A Crocodile Wallet

I own a crododile wallet.

Somebody taught me it brings money luck.

I’m using it. ^^;

I think it was my fault.

I wrote a sentence,

“She found that the cause of her headache was the crocodilde she kept.”

It sure is.

So, again, I’m going to write another sentence.

“The crocodile made him a great millionaire.  His feet grew longer.”

Thank you.