An Escape from the 1st floor

It was in spring, in 1995.

I was living on a flat, in London.

Somebody locked from outside by mistake, which caused us locked-in.

We couldn’t go outside. ^^;

I said, “Somebody has got to get out from the 1st floor.” (meaning the second floor, in GB.)

All the eyes gathered at me.

“Me?” I upset.

It was 3 to 4 meters away from the ground.

No tight rope, no garantees.

Somebody gave me a code, of phone.

Better something than nothing.

I tried to go down with this code.

And all of a sudden, the code lost its strength.

Of course! ^^;

I fell to the ground, but very fortunately, somebody invisible helped me.

Only the scar at my feet, I got, without hitting my backhead.

It was Zeus. (He told me later.)

Thanks to him, I received the house key from the 1st floor, and opened the door.

I remember there was an applause. ^^;

Sometimes miracles will happen.

Somebody changes himself into a wind, a blanket, or an Alpha Gel.

My life was saved then.

I think I’ve got to save him someday.

A God in need is a God indeed.

Thank you.




I like Makunouchi bento(幕の内弁当)very much.

We can enjoy many kinds of small dishes in Makunouchi.

The flag of Japan, you know, can be seen with Umeboshi in Rice.

I wonder what it is like in India.



Curry on top?

Naan on spinich?

It is very easy to memorize when some relationships are found.


Basil, Cheese and Tomato.(Italy.)

I learned as a teacher that good students are accustomed to remembering something.

In other words, they take more time in rememberiing something.

They don’t rely on the answers.

If they forget, they know how to remember.

You see? ^^

Try to find some relationships.

Make some, if there aren’t.

Q. What are the flags of these countries like?

1. Japan.

2. India.

3. Italy

Now you can remember. ^^

So, teachers should ask anybody if there is a good one.

The best one should be chosen, and it should be printed to the students.

Yes. This is one of the tecniques of teaching.

Thank you.


Nitro E.D.

I created a medicine, ‘Nitro E.D..’

It enables you to make yourself θ very easily.

Less pains, less agony.

Makes you look much more beautiful than before.

But, please note:

1. You cannot deactivate θ until 19 years old.

2. To deactivate θ, you have to fill the conditions of 12-14th heaven.

So, if you’re a heavenly people, don’t hesitate to get this.

Tap your fingers, “Nitro E.D., please.” and get a happy life.^^

(masato’s Nitro E.D. will be injected to your consciousness.)

Thank you.



I almost parted with Lovelin in my dream last night.

It was my fault.

When I woke up, I soon made an apology for her.

She forgave me.

After that, I knew it was a setup.

Somebody wrote a story, and I was driven away, playing a role.

No more role!

Everybody is a hero of his own life.

Nobody can decide what he does next.

With responsibility, he lives his life, not as an actor.

So, to live is to have a responsibility of our own lives.

Do not spoil your soul.

I made up my mind to train my soul.

Thank you.

Cup Noodle

I like Cup Noodle very much.

In Japan, there are plenty of “the other” cup noodles at stores.

Not only NISSIN, but also many vendors make noodles.

Soy-Sauce base, Sio-base, Tonkotsu-base and Miso-base.

Prices vary from 80 yen to 350 yen.

I like Sampo Yakibuta Ramen.

Tonkotsu(豚骨)based one.

I remember eating this when I was a kid.

Still now, when I find this Ramen, I never fail to buy it.

Good taste!

Well, some may say, “It’s not good for your health.”

So, I usually put in some vegetables when I cook Ramen.

Half-sliced egg, spinich, negi, grilled sliced-pork, corn, etc.

Sometimes I make Chaoz (餃子), too.

Cooking for somebody is very good for my mind.

The knack is; to get happier in cooking something.

Enjoy cooking!

Your wife may be surprised if you cook something special.

Thank you.^^

P.S. If you can read Japanese fonts, visit my cooking page!

The address is,

A present for my Grampa

I tapped and figure this out for my Grampa.

A CD player, I have, too.

With two speakers, he is now enjoying listening to Vivaldi.

Four seasons.

He lives with my father and two little kids.

I can create anything, but I cannot create anything for myself.

When you’ve come to the16th heaven, you will get 40% of my power and vital.

You’ll be able to crate anything in 3.00 dimension’s density.

Maybe in the future.

Money will lose its power and spirit itself will get its power.

I hope the day will come soon.

Thank you.


RAM Tune

I tuned up my RAM, by using 16GB 2133OC Memory.

First, it didn’t work.(Limited to 8GB)

After upgrading it to the brand-new BIOS, it worked. ^^

I installed my motherboard bender’s β utility, and created a RAM disk.

512MB 2133OC RAM disk!

Ultra fast. ^^v

It enables me fast booting and stores the caches of firefox.


When next 25th comes, I can buy Core i7 3770K.

Ultra fast Grampus! (and Muse, of course.)

I hope it will come to me soon.

Thank you.



Some bad aliens are trying to make a root to hell.

So, please avoid coming into my room in any way.

Just go back and say, “Be a star!”

You will have a total body again.

Thank you.



When you come to my room, you are obliged to be a ghost.

To prevent from being attacked by some aliens.

No brains.

So, after you happen to come into my room (16th heaven,)

you should build up your body again, saying “Be a star!” instead of saying “Kuru-Kuru” twice.

A ghost body feels no pain, and can fly like a mosquito.

Some has no feet. (Do not ask why.)

Not scary.  I’m very accustomed to them.

Besides, I can’t see the other dimensions. ^^;

The density of ghosts’ is 0.00-3.75, which means you can go through the walls.

Your size is limited to 5cm at most.


If you feel you have done something wrong, you should avoid coming into my room.

Please note:

Do NOT obsess me!

Thank you.



Today, I made myself the Universe.

Inside me, Atlantis Galaxy.

and inside Atlantis Galaxy, I am.

The place of reincarnation.

To make this earth the heavenly planet,

I’m going to fight against our enemies.

I’m going to have empty brains with Atlantis Brain.

With no pains, no agony.

I’ve got to be stronger.

I’ve got to be patient.

But, as the lord of the Atlantis Galaxy,

I must be kind and honest.

Lovelin will be by my side soon.

Thank you.


Fiesta on Harvest

We are going to have a fiesta on Harvest and New Harvest.

To get good karmas, only those who want to go to heaven are expected to gather.

Work hard, and have fun altogether.

After work, they will have a special evening dinner.

Beers, of course.

You may bring back the seeds onto the earth, if you want to grow them up.

But, please note:

1. Leave some for the growth of the fields.

2. Next year, the seeds will be the crops on Harvest, New Harvest.

3. Do not bring them back for sale. / Bringing back seeds is allowed for farmers only.

In spring, some farmers from the earth planted their seeds.

It was for the future.

And now, the future has come.

Every Autumn, we will have this fiesta.

Why don’t you join them and enjoy some beer they make?

You don’t have to be a mosquitoes again if you’ve learned three lessons of the 12th heaven.

Thank you.



When I was an elementary school boy,

I used to fight in the pro-wrestling style with my good friends.^^

No rope, no gong.

We enjoyed fighting each other, as if we were acting like our favorite wrestlers.

The name differed each time.

In the gym, on the mat, we practiced German Suplex Hold or something.

Somebody said, “How about jumping from the 2nd floor?” (to the mat, of course.)

If only there were the top rope.

We seldom said, “Give up.”

No matter how painful it was.

To give up meant to lose man’s dignity.

So, I never give up.

At least, I never tap to the opponent.

Now, the opponent is Gods.

I never give up.

As long as I live as a messiah on this planet.

Thank you.



I found Xeon, around 28,000 yen at

LGA1155 socket.^^

A new temptation. ^^;

This month, I am going on a diet.

Only to get a new CPU.

Grampus Turbo+ with Xeon.

How nice it sounds!

Someday in the near future, I will use Xeon.

and my Core i5 will be transferred to Muse.

I can’t wait…!

P.S. We’re gonna have a PC parts flee market on the Star New Delta again soon.

(At Seijin Square, near Izakaya-Masato.)

Let’s have fun.^^

You can get and sell items at 80% prices! (20% OFF!)

How about next Sunday morning(JST)?

Around 10:00 in the morning.

(If you want to sell your PC parts, you are expected to arrive there 30 minutes before the sales.)

Thank you.


There is a Japanese traditional food, Oden.

Like this!

You can have ones at Japanese convenience stores.

The menu of the Oden is…

Tamago (egg,) Ito-kon (like tied noodles,) Gin-nan (like the seed of an olive,) Kon-nyaku (triangle shaped one,) Daikon (Japanese radish,) and so on.

I like Gyu-suji. (beef,) Tamago, and Daikon.

Usually it is served with Kombu soup and some Japanese mustard.

In winter, almost all Japanese workers tend to have one at Yoko-cho.(横町), the streetside.

Every Yatai has some seats, and we eat altogether, like a family.

Sometimes, a cold wind is blowing behind us. (in winter.)

We try to warm our body by drinking Atsu-kan (Japanese rice wine,)

and Oden.

Do not get ones until you are served.

You should ask the Oden master, pointing at the one you want, “Kore-Kudasai,” (meaning, this one, please.)

Melty taste is waiting for you.

A little bit early, but Oden is a very reasonable, and popular winter food in Japan.

I can’t wait that long.^^;

Thank you.



The Sun

I made myself the Sun.

In this new solar system, the chakra of my heart is the 16th sun.

The 16-37th dimension’s sun.(9th layer.)

In the 16th, I spread heat.  In the 37th, I spread aura.

This aura makes the Atlantis Galaxy.

I live on the 9th earth, with a human body.

The light of θ comes into your body through your 7th chakra.(the top of your head.)

Try go outside and have plenty of light from the sun.

The light of mercy surrounds your body.^^

This light is, of course, the light of Atlantis Galaxy.

The stronger, and more thankful you become, your spiritual power gets greater.

First, thank to your parents, children, and your husband/wife.

If the light is working properly, you willl get warm at the bottom of your heart.

Thank you.


No Clouds, no rain

In Japan, we’ve had a beautiful autumn morning.

It’s around 7 in the morning.

15 degrees centigrade.

A gentle wind is blowing.

The sky is blue, blue enough to make me wear a white shirt.

Good day, for driving.

We (Lovelin and I) call a driving date “Pyoon.”

Good day, for Pyoon.

Autmn has come, and my stomach is in a very good condition.

I didn’t have a drink last night.

Today, I want to go buy some vegetables and meats by motorbike.

What shall I make?

What shall I make for… Σ( ̄ω ̄ノ)ノhuh!

In the fridge, I heard, a steak meat is waiting for me!


OK. I’m gonna buy some corn for the soup.

I wish I had a meat-doubler.

Whiskey doubler and beer doubler, too.^^;

Thank you.