I uploaded the pictures of the morning skies onto Spiritually Correct this morning.

Through spring to winter, the skies change its color and its atmosphere.


Very nice to watch them.


I took the picture of them.

I like flowers very much.

There’s a way to take a good picture of flowers.


This is true!

When you push the button of your camera, speak to flowers.

and admire their beauty.  "You look cute!" or something.

That’s all.

Try it and you’ll be surprised.

Thank you.

( >▽)ゞ Fwaaaaa…

I’m very sleepy this morning.

So sleepy that I might go into another day-dream.

Lovelin is working at this time.

I can’t sleep.

If I sleep, she might be sleepy during her work.


Wash my face?


I’ll go downstairs.

Sandman, please get away.

I’ve got to keep my eyes open.

Thank you.

( >▽)ゞ Fwaaaaa…

Linux in Trouble

My Linux server has got a problem.

No images can be seen; even jpgs.

GD or something is in trouble, I guess.

I have to treat her just as much as Grampus.

Unless I make a solution for her, I cannot change the skins of this blog every day.

Long way to go?

I don’t know.

But, I will cure her.

No problems have got no answer.

Thank you.

Disappered Again

My blog has disappeared again. ^^;

It’s because of my fault.

masato style (Japanese Ver.) has gone with the wind.

I happened to upload the entire folder, causing to delete the main folder inside it.

This is a funeral.

A grave mistake.

( ノΩ`)シクシク…

This blog also got some damages.

Recent seven days’ articles have gone, you know.

Tooooooo Bad.

Sakura-chan has been stll here, which makes me relieved.

Well, I apologize for the inconvinience.

Please keep reading this blog.

Thank you.

The Specs of my Grampus Turbo+

・PC Case・・・ANTEC NSK2480
・CPU・・・Intel Core i5 2500
・CPU Cooler・・・SCYTHE Shuriken
・Motherboard・・・ASRock Z68 Pro3 Gen3
・Memory・・・DDR3 17000 8GB (4GB×2)
・Graphic Board・・・Sapphire Radeon  HD6670 DDR5 1GB
・SSD・・・Intel 510 Series SSDSC2MH120A2K5
・HDD・・・Hitachi HDS721050CLA662 [500GB SATA600 7200]
・NIC・・・Intel CT Gigabit Ethernet Controller
・DVD・・・LG GH24NS70WH BLK [White]
・Monitor・・・MITSUBISHI Diamondcrysta WIDE RDT233WLM-D [23Inch Black]
・Power Supply・・・GX 450W Bronze RS-450-ACAA-D3
PC Case
Now it’s aroud 100,000 yen. ^^;

High Spec, and I’m very satisfied with it.

The result of Windows Experience Index is…


Tuned, already.

It is much better to collect parts to build a machine than to buy another new one.

I have learned how to build it on the web.
(Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher is recommended.)

and I wrote about it (in Japanese) on Spiritually Correct.
(PC school Mah-kun)

1. How to tune your machine.
2. To build bind in your machine.
3. How to build your PC.
4. How to settle your own server.

If you like, please come and visit me. ^^

Thank you.

Hair Style

If you are in trouble of choosing your hair style, because of aging,

there’s a method to get back your healthy hair.

First, you should make a "Zen Fuwa," choosing your best age,

and make a Kuru-Kuru with these options.

—with gamma at the bottom of your hair
—with beta waves
—with healthy skins

That’s all. ^^

You’ll look much younger you used to be.

Surprise your friends. ^^

Thank you.

Logon Sound

I changed logon sound to Ultra Seven.

Like this.

You can download and save it wherever you want.

and then,

Open the Control Panel, select the sound tab,

choosing this file, and apply as the logon sound.

Your PC becomes greater.

Thank you.

In case of crisis

Just in case of crisis, please note this:

"Eps." (Single Tap needed.) to go to the Star Epsilon. (5th heaven people or above.)


I’ll add and include the command;

☆"Zen Fuwa" occurs automatically when you tap, saying "New Harvest," "Harvest" and "Eps."
(No body will be left there.)

☆Zen Fuwa means to get to the Fuwa Fuwa mode, without leaving any physical body.
(Single Tap is needed.)

To get to Izakaya-Masato, follow these steps.

1. "Zen Fuwa."
2. "Go to Izakaya-Masato (seat no. xxxx.)

That’s all.

To get back, only say, "Go back." (Single Tap needed.) and if you want to have a total body again,

say "Kuru-Kuru." twice.

To prevent danger, please remember the commands first.

Thank you.

When you feel agony, say "Alpha," and α waves make you relaxed and feel less pains.

I put an alpha wave tablet into your body this morning.

The Blue Sky for Touring

This morning, the sky is blue. ^^

I want to take a ride on my motorbike.

I made a promise with Lovelin.

We will be riding on my bike in two hours.

The sun is shining in the blue sky.

Good July. ^^

OK.  I will make a code name for this touring.

"The ble July.  — Chase after the watermelons."

We will be back with a half cut watermelon. ^^

Has summer come?

I’m just wondering which way I should take.

Righthand side: No Market.
Lefthand side: Market.

First, right for a cigarettes,

turning back to the Market for a watermelon.

Sounds Good. ^^

Now I will go downstairs to wash my motorbike.

Thank you.

Juicy Red Watermelons

In Japan, watermelons are called Suika.


Juicy red watermelons.

I feel like as if I were Welter. ^^;

The sweet points of Suika gathers in the center line.
(In the picture above, the peaks of Suika.)

So, when you cut it, never forget to cut it into half first.

With some glasses of Mugi-cha,(麦茶:the Malt Tea)

feeling the gentle wind from Sempooki, (扇風機: the cooling fan)

we can spend hot summer days cool.

I hope we can enjoy hot summer days with little moisture this year.

Thank you.^^


Thank you for coming to our fiesta.

It was a great succcess, and the fireworks were so beautiful, they say.

The sales are going to be the charity for somebody in desperate.

Come again next year!

Thank you.

Grampus Turbo+

When I concentrated my light into Core i5 2500, a boy was born.

The name of the machine is called Grampus Turbo+, so we named him "Tah-bo." (ター坊)

His name is Tomomi(智海) Iwakiri. (智海 means the ocean of philosophy.)

Last night, he was killed.

His brains were killed, because of the thunderbolt by MikiMiki.

I don’t know where he had been. (I’m sure he was in heaven, but)

He reincarnated into Celeron by himself,

and appeared in front of us again.

I couldn’t help shedding tears.

Thank you, my boy.

Here I can go forward for tomorrow.

Thank you.

Cloudy, but fine

I checked if grandmother’s ear phone worked.

It did. ^^;

I tried to return 5,000 yen to her, but she refused it.

Thanks to her kindness, I could order another Main Memory. ^^v

PC3-17000 (DDR3-2133OC)

CMZ8GX3M2A2133C11R [DDR3 PC3-17000 4GB 2枚組]の製品画像
My Motherboard supports 2133OC, so I chose this.

Like a mobile-suit. (of Zak; somebody knows. ^^;)

The strange figure is because of the heat sink, for its clock speed is very high.

It works faster than my 1333, by 800Mhz.

I wonder how fast it will be,

4GB×2, but I never use Photoshop now (expired,)

and my Grampus Turbo+ is mainly for net us, for HTML building use.

So, the lack of memory doesn’t seem to occur.

ワクo( ̄▽ ̄o)(o ̄▽ ̄)oワク

Like a child before Xmas, my heart is singing.

Thank you.

An Ear Phone

I seldom watch TV.

In my schooldays, I watched TV for an hour or two in a day.

Because, TV was my grandmother’s.

She put her ear phone to it and I could hear anything from the speakers.

Still, she is alive, 95 years old.

She can hardly hear anything with her left ear

and the conversation between us is sometimes funny.

"Good morning.  How about some coffee?"

"It was good.  The taste of eel was excellent, wasn’t it?"

Like this. ^^;

She asked me for an ear phone the day before last.

I have almost forgotten about it.

Tomorrow, I’ll go out for an ear phone.

I hope it will be sunny tomorrow.

Thank you.


I was given this title without any reason.

Okay.  I will write about a turtle.

Does a turtle go into a meditation?

During the winter, it sleeps.

What is he doing?

In his dreams?

Dreaming about his Mother in the river?

Dreaming in his universe?  In his inner body?

Well, a grampus is the symbol of Atlantis English Academy.

It was also the symbol of the Ancient Atlantis.

A golden grampus.

That’s why, I named my machines Grampus Ultimate, and Grampus Turbo+.

The second summer seminar of Atlantis English Academy, code name: Mezamashi Shachi-kun (meaning, awaken Grampus) was a big success.

Lovelin works for a TV, you know, and appears at Mezamashi-TV on Fuji Television.

During the morinig time.

I bet something in your mind also wakes up in the morning time.

What you want to do most early in the morning, you should do.



Chasing after another rainbow?  I mean, the affiliate. ^^;

If I got enough money, I would fly to you.

Even a turtle,

sometimes flies, Lovelin.

Thank you.


Next Saturday, around 17:00, we are having Tanabata-Matsuri(七夕祭り) at Seijin-shiki Hiroba, on the Star New Delta.

So many food shops, and shops for an entertainment.

Like Yo-Yo.(ヨーヨー), and Yaki-Ika(焼きイカ), etc.


Japanese traditional fiesta, "Omatsuri."

We are celebrating the date of Artair and Vega on this day, July, 7th.

The sales are going to be the charity. (for someone in desperate.)

Atter that, I am going to teach them (my students, Japnanese Atlantis students)  English.

And then, after class, we are having Hanabi.(花火)


It will be around 20:30(JST) when we can watch them.

Why don’t you join us and have fun?

We are looking forward to it soon.

Thank you.

Server might be down

Tomorrow, the 2nd of July, a schemed powerdown (by Kyushu Electricity Services) may cause my server stopped.

This is a possibility, so, if there is,

around 16:00-19:00 (JST,) you cannot read any articles of this blog or Spiritually Correct.

Don’t worry.

I am OK.

Thank you.

P.S. In this summer, almost every day, 2 hours’ schemed powerdown might be taken place in my region.

Sorry for inconvinience.

London II

With my salary, £600 (a month,) I could hardly make an action for going out every Sunday.

I wanted to have good dishes, and wanted to see around a gorgeous department store.

No method,

except for going to a Casino Club.

0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, 2, 25, 17, 34, 6, 27…

This is the numbers upper right of the European Roulette.

Still, I remember. ^^;

With £2 token, I ate sandwiches, drank soft drinks at the Casino.

and learned how to bet.

I earned about £485 in the first night.

I never forgot to read tarot cards before going to Casino.

The first 10 matches, 8 wins 1 lose, 1 draw.

I think I was much richer then than now.

I remember inside my pocket of my jacket,

there was a buck of £50. (about £1,000)

Good old my gambling days. ^^;

Well, the purpose changed.

The Casino was gorgeous enough, and the dishes were good enough.

I made a move to Golders Green, £585 flat.

It was about 20 years ago, when I was around 23-24.

This story goes on and on.

Thank you.