Who is your favorite hero?

As for me, so many heroes come up on my mind.

Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Michael Knight (Knight Rider), Stringfellow Hawk (Air Wolf)… and so on.

The point in common is that they are all fighters.

Rocky Balboa? 

Good. ^^

Heroes never give up.

If they were in a serious situation, they would never lose their dream and hope.

I installed Rambo. ^^

In detail, I installed Rambo’s rescue ability and his toughness.

Just in case Lovelin were kidnapped.

The stronger, the better.

They say that I once was Ultra Seven, in 1970s.

I can’t remember.

On Youtube, my sons are acting as the hero of Gundam UC.

A very handsome boy. ^^

My father once was Tiger Mask (Animation Ver.)

I strongly recommend you go to watch hero movies with your kids.

They will have strong wills, I promise.

The sooner, the better.

Without hero movies, no boy could grow older.

Thank you.

Curry Master —the way to the blackbelt—

I like Curry, as I wrote before.

Today, I made a spacial Katsu-Curry as a brunch.

It was goooooooooooooooooooooooood!!

— How to make this Spacial Curry —

 1. Prapare House Vermont Curry (Hot)
 2. Set Pan.
 3. Pour 1L of Mineral Water. 
 4. Heat and melt the loo. (I put in 6 pieces.)
 5. Put in 2 whole tomatoes.
 6. Jam them.
 7. Pour weistershere sauce, white wine vinegar, and red wine.
 8. Check it.
 9. Put in your favorite spices, such as cumin, coriander, chille, turmeric. clove, kardamon, and so on.
10.Put in Jammed apple, mango, banana, and some tropical fruits.

 *Stop when your tongue gets satisfied. ^^;

That’s all.

I will provide you another Katsu-Curry (Today’s Version) at Izakaya-Masato later.

Thank you.

Episode II

When I was around 21-22, an accident happened.

I rode on my motorbike to a convinience store.

And after that, I came across the lines of motorbikes,

which we call bousou-zoku. (暴走族)

They were snake-dancing on the whole street.

Σ( ̄ω ̄ノ)ノハッ!!

"What shall I do?"

Q. This is a simple question.  What do you think masato did at that moment?


A. He snake-danced, as well.

Because I couldn’t go straight due to the bikes on both sides.

It was one of the funniest experiences that I have ever had.

Not  bad. ^^;


No. ^^;

It is possible that you are the one who comes across the lines next.

Thank you.

Episode I

When I was riding my bike to Nagoya, on the Tomei Highways,

an accident happened.

It was about 20 years ago, when I was 19 or 20.

Somebody waved at me from the rear seat with a smile,

and I waved back, but the wind was so strong at the speed of 100km/h

that I couldn’t fold my arms back to the handle. ^^;

After that, I found a very nice straight.

Nobody was driving to the right.

I changed the lanes to the right,

The only thing I was watching was the meter,

rising up to the danger zone.

80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, … (km/h)


I remember it showed at least 165km/h,

and the mirror showed a red light blinking.


"Hey, you guy, on the motorbike!  Stop at the next intersection."

( ノΩ`)シクシク…

It was a police car. ^^;

"Didn’t you realize that you passed the police car?"


"We stopped the meter at 128km/h, so, you don’t have to go to jail."

"Oh. Thank you."

"But you should go to the driving school again, for the beginner’s training. And…"


"30,000 yen penalty for speeding."

( ̄ω ̄;( ̄ω ̄|( ̄ω ̄||( ̄ω||||ガガガーン!!

"No discount for students?"


I stopped riding at high speed.

Since then, I have never broken the traffic rules.

30,000 yen was so hard a blow for me to stand up with my feet again.

This is the best example of what is not to do.

Do not follow me, my fellows.

(This article only.)

Life is long. ^^;

Thank you.

Survived from danger

Somebody told us that we might be going to get attacked by our enemies.

On 2012/05/24, around 8:00 in the morning.(JST)

We could avoid the danger, in this way below.

1. "Zen Fuwa, to New Harvest!"
2. Patriot Missiles got ready.
3. I made a tap of extinction (of missiles from our enemies.)

Yes, Japan has kept its beauty and peace.

From the sky, through the clouds, our sons were watching Japan all the time.

Now asleep, I believe.

Good Job, Masaki-kun and Yu-ki-kun.

Masaki (正輝), the third son between Lovelin, has his name from the Polar Star.

Yes, he is the Polar Star.

and (優輝)Yu-ki, the sixth son, shines as the Sun of the 7th dimension Earth.

Very cute boys.

Maybe in the near future, you may notice them at Izakaya-Masato.

Thank you.^^

PC Life with Lovelin

We are going to settle a new PC at home in Chiba.

Ivy Bridge?

Good. ^^

We are going to have a Core i7, 3770K.

and an ultra fast SSD.


No, I haven’t met Lovelin yet.

But soon, I’m going to Tokyo.

Tokyo has Akihabara, you know.

So many parts shop there.

I will walk around, with Lovelin in Fuwa Fuwa mode.

PC heaven there.

I hope this dream come true, and wish you a happy life.

Thank you.



Have you ever eaten Omochi? (お餅)

This is one of the traditional Japanese foods.

You can find it in Ozo-ni, (お雑煮) the bowl served in Osho-gatsu. (お正月)

It is very easy to cook Omochi.

1. Place Omochis on the table of the heater, as many as you want.
2. Heat about 3-5 minutes. (I recommend 5 min.)
3. Prapare soy sauce with sugar. (1:1)
4. Roll it with Nori, the dried sea weed.
5. That’s all. ^^

By using Usu(臼) and Kine,(杵) strong men make Omochi.

Their timing and technique needs to be harmonized.

A very special technique and power is needed.

I look upon them.

But, there is another method to make Omochi.

An Omochi Machine. (or Mochi-tsuki-ki (餅つき機))

We have to prapare Mochi-gome (餅米).

Very easy to make, but very hot when we complete it.

The memories of Omochi remind me of my grandfather.

Thank you.



Yesterday morning, we experienced Sun Eclipse.

I enjoyed this on TV, with Lovelin in the pillow.

"This is the box of engagement," I said,

"a beautiful gold ring, isn’t it?"


I quoted the Revelation.

The evil will be destroyed, and the conqueror will win the peace.

No more domination.

We belong to light, love, and peace.

Let’s get happier.

Thank you.


Nobody lives without death.

If we die, our physical body disappears.

Only light can go through your body, like a ghost.

A ghost can be a star. (in the night sky.)

If a ghost can create enough heat of love (made from θ light,)

the ghost can get alive in a moment.

14th heaven people can reincarnate into the same person with all his/her memories.

12th, as a beginner, I recommend mosquitoes.

As New Harvest requires 12th heaven condition, hell people cannot go to the heaven.

But, as a beginner, as a mosquito, they can go to heaven (New Harvest.)

Learn three lessons, and build your own happiness at the New Harvest,

to make the world more heavenly.

I am here, on the earth, to create a heaven-like planet.

To live happily on this 7th earth.

I will do my best.

Why don’t we…?

Thank you. ^^

One Way Ticket

I am going to Tokyo to meet Lovelin.

I have a little money.

Only to get a one way ticket.

Soon, I shall be able to meet her.

I hope we can meet each other safely.

Thank you.

I wonder

This is the sentences from our textbook.  Please have fun.

"He works for an oil company." 
"I wonder his bonus is regular or…"

"Gee.  I haven’t ever thought that he is so punctual." 
"He is a silver medalist.  Butterfly."

"What are you selling, little girl?" 
"Matches, lighters, gas, and oils." 
"More than I expected."

"I thought that a big mushroom could save one life." 
"One life?" 

"Watching birds is one thing, going to yakitori restaurant is another."

"This storm is heavier than the previous one!" 
"Choose this cloud and double your money."

It goes on and on.

If you like, please visit our HP.

Atlantis English Academy

You can come to the pages from Spiritually Correct.

Thank you.



This is Sanuki-Udon, famous in Japan.

Sanuki means the name of the old prefecture, now called Kagawa.

The image above is Nabeyaki-style.

Very hot, don’t touch the Nabe.

When you eat it, first, you’ve got to move udon noodles into the bowl. (the left image)

and then, the soup.

Unless you do so, your lips will be chach heat. ^^;

I don’t know who invented this.

But, I like this Nabeyaki-style Udon the best.

When I was a high school student, I would often go to Udon Noodle House, called Suke-San.

Oita, or Kokura.

Good old my schooldays. ^^

Thank you.

An Alliance


I concluded a peace alliance with Oto-fu. (お豆腐。)

I reincarnated into soy-beans, and after that, Oto-fu.

I thanked them.

and made a Yoshi-yoshi. (*- -)ヾ( ̄▽ ̄*) yoshi-yoshi

This morning, I ate Hiya-yakko.(冷や奴)

The taste of it was about 2 octave higher than usual.

I thanked them again. ^^

This is how I made an alliance with Oto-fu.

Make a yoshi-yoshi, and make friends with each other.

You’ll thank them later. ^^

Thank you.


Lovelin loves Ice-creams.

Me, too.


This is a cone-shaped-icecream, called Giant Cone.

It lies in my childhood memories as well.

Good old my childhood days. ^^

I prefer ice-creams to gelatos.

Milky, and very soft in eating.

But I like frozen oranges.

We sometimes freeze it when we go on a picnic.

The sooner, the better. ^^;

Well, it is getting warmer and warmer.

I hope I can eat so many ice-creams this summer.

Thank you.

How to avoid danger

Follow these steps below.

1. "Seventeen!" (Single Tap needed.)
2. Angel’s Ring, ON. (Tap on top of your head.)
3. Atlantis Rebel! (Tap.)
4. "Zen Fuwa!" (Tap.)
5. "Go to the star New Delta / New Harvest!" (Tap.)

and you can escape from danger.

The Star New Delta, where there is Izakaya-Masato, requires 14th heaven condition.

New Harvest requires 12th heaven condition.

If you have not reached the 12th, you are going to become a mosquito. (as a beginner.)

Learn three lessons.

and you can be a human again.

Don’t forget to make yourself θ.  Your body’s density becomes thinner,

meaning that you feel less pains.

The θ light is a light of mercy.

It reduces your pains.

When you die, the θ light will come down through your head,

and it eases your body and mind.

Yes, the light from heaven.

I promised you that I reduces your pains, so,

Never forget to make your Angel’s Ring.

Masato Star will help and guide you into heaven.

Thank you.

Mosquito II –Chapter Nine—

Dear readers,

I am going to write another chapter, Mosquito II, Chapter IX.

I don’t think of anything, sorry about this. ^^;

After the tropical rain forest, the stage changed to the forest where Catie was.

And then, Oedo, the bank of the river.

I think when I write.

I haven’t decided their future yet.

Are the two children OK?

Who were the man with two scords and the patient?

What about aliens?

What would hapen the next?

Maybe you’ll know…

by today or tomorrow.

Thanks for reading,



The New Earth

We live in the new earth, whose dimension is now in the 14th.

How to come to the New Earth has only 3 steps.

1. "Atlantis Rebel." (Single Tap Needed.)

2. "Zen Fuwa!" (Single Tap Needed.)

3. "Go to the 14th Earth!"

and then, you should make a "Kuru-Kuru" twice.

You can have a total body again.

But, please remember that you have to reach at least 14th heaven first.

If you have not reached the 14th heaven, you are going to New Harvest.

This Earth belonged to us human, and then, it was invaded by aliens.

Now, it belongs to us, humans, angels, archangels, and Gods.

Atlantis Time, is now May 9, 2012.

This earth is 14th Atlantis Heaven.

Come back to the New Earth, where we can live together.

Thank you.

How to unlock the θ mode

Dear readers,

I have to inform you how to unlock the θ mode.

1. You’ve got to unlock the θ mode in Fuwa-Fuwa mode.
2. Make a Kuru-Kuru.
3. And your body recovers as a male / a female.

When you want your body become θ again,

1. Make a Zen Fuwa.
2. Say, "θ," with tapping.
3. Make a Kuru-Kuru.

That’s all. ^^

I strongly recommend that you should keep your body θ in your daily life.

Aliens and dogs might watch you.

So, unless you need it, you can get rid of your want for a sexual mood.

I keep on θ mode except the H mode.

Keep your body clean, free from aliens and dogs,

and make yourself more beautiful and lighter.

Thank you.


I can’t remember when I went to the theater the last.

Was it in the 20th century?

The last movie in the 20th century was the worst. ^^;

Pop corn didn’t go through my throat.

I can’t tell you the title. ^^;

I want a good story with tears.

Ghost, I like the best.

I have seen it over 20 times. ^^

Uh, of course at home, DVD.


No, no!!

I don’t want to spend any money to be threatened.

Why no cooking movie?

2 hours’ special adventure.

Flying pan, instead of frying pan, which really flies.

A battle between forks and knives.

Sorry, I’m not in a good condition today.

It’s because of the lack of alcohol, I guess.

Thank you.