Atlantis Body

I created Atlatnis Body for Atlantis People this morning.

Under this system, you can never damaged.

Linings, for example, are covered with diamonds (made by your aura.)

Organs are made by your aura, as well.

Aura is made from light over seven layers of dimensions.

It never hurts.

No brain surgery is needed.

You can choose "Today’s Fruit" every day.

Me, a pineapple today.

If you come to me, you’ll recognize the scent of a fresh pinapple.

Just tap on top of your head, saying, "Pinapple," and the central part of your brain turns into pineapple you have chosen. (It consists of the light of θ.)

Do not choose "Watermelon," so that no mosuquitoes gather around you.

Thank you.

— How to get this body system —

1. Make a Zen Fuwa.
2. Say, "Kuru-Kuru."
3. Call "Your Favirite Fruit’s name." (Single tap needed.)
4. You’ll be done.


Hi, there.

I orderd these cigars below.


Long time, no see! >Cigars

Oh, my love. My darling, I’ve hungerd for your scent.

Cigars make me relaxed and they ease my mind.

In two or three hours, I’ll be done.

My favorite dealer is Cigar Connection, in Kobe, Japan.

Recently, we Japanese got more tax on cigarettes.

1 box costs us 440 yen. (Toooooooooooooo Expensive!!)

So, I changed it to cigars. (More Expensive.^^;)

I have to pay about 7,000 yen for three cigars. (My taste is now growing.)

But, I cannot replace them to anything.

Lovelin said to me last night, "Which do you choose, cigars or me?"

I said, "Which do you prefer, the sky or the ocean?"

I wanted to say, "Cigars with Lovelin."


"Lovelin with Cigars."



Was  I cheated?

I got my job’s offer twice.

But, when I made a call, I was shut up.

What was happening there?


Still, I feel refreshed this morning.

Sunshine through the clouds makes me dream about today’s date.

Fuwa-Fuwa dating. ^^;

Altogether, Lovelin and Angelina, in my backpack, we’re gonna have a date.

I’m going to an American Style Tailor with them today.

After that, we shall get a double-cheese burger. (with a coke, if possible.)

Today is another fine day!


for those who were in Fukushima, or Nagoya, or those who are still there

Another calamity has occurred in Nagoya due to Typhoon. (Hikari-kun is now saving the town.)

Do you know how to get to Harvest?

Its one of the heavens I created, where no money is needed.

Make a Zen Fuwa, and visit their new homes. saying, "Are you all right?"

They will be relieved by your kindness.

Their new homes are being created now. (by Yada Mah-kun)

Football Stadiums are there, too. (Sone Mah-kun created.)

Rwanda people, and Pakistani people are there as well.

They (almost all the litte kids) play on the grond of the pitch, on barefoot.

I am here, as a superviser. ^^; (not as the football team, but as the creator team)

Sorry, I cannot move to another planet so that the earth (of the 5th dimension) might not be overridden.

Enjoy their play and make a little chat!

And the world will be one. (Seki Mah-kun created this song in his ex-life!)

Seven Days

I have to wait another seven days to get some money.

In my wallet, no more than 2,000 yen is left.

No more cigarettes, no more KFC.

I don’t have to worry about foods, because food expenditure is not relied upon my wallet.

NO.  Not Lovelin but my mother, who has the right to fetch everyday foods.

I haven’t invited Lovelin to my home yet.


There is a great news.

A company offered me a job as an SE.

A famous company maybe you know.

I’ve got to make a phone call to a personnel placement agency on Tuesday morining, to say, "Yes."

and then…

1. I can get some cigars by the box.
2. I can get an autumn jacket. (camel color)
3. I can invite or visit Lovelin around Xmas.

and so on.^^

Darkness is thickest before the sun rises.

Now, it’s the very time (2011/09/19 3:10 a.m..)

I feel like eating something.

In my room, there’s a junk food (snack,) Kara-Mucho.


I will inform you when I am employed.

Please shut up, my stomach.


Payday woud be…

Under Arrest

In my dream last night, I got caught by police and arrested innocent.

—– —– —— this is the story in my dream —– —– —–

When I woke up in my room, I was half-asleep.

An old friend of mine was carrying a baby and he dived from the fence.

Actually, he was the neighbor of 202, which was my room number.

He dived himself with a baby into the sky, smiling.

He was a handsome lad, but I couldn’t understand what the smile meant.

The day after that morning, police gathered around me. (IN MY DREAM)

Obviously, I was suspicious (for them.)

Investigation was carried on for 3 or 4 months, and I couldn’t get in touch with Lovelin.

I knew my friend died.  What happened to the baby?

Who was that baby? Why did he dive into the sky?

—– —– —– —– —– —– —– —— —– —– —– —– —–

I woke up.

Still, I wanted to sleep just because I was too sleepy.

I went into another dream.

It was the same story, continued from the last.

I found myself in a kind of prison.

I was finally arrested.

But why?

I did nothing.^^;


Autumn’s Full Moon Tonight.

We can see a full moon tonight.

The autumn’s full moon.

We Japanese call this day "Chushu-no-meigetsu."(中秋の名月)

Have you ever heard of the word; "Otsuki-mi?" (お月見)

Otuki-mi means watching the moon. 

"The moon," we call "Tsuki.(Otuski-Sama)"  "Miru" is a verb, which means "Watch (something)"

Now you can see a picture of "Tsukimi-Udon."


Like this! (↑)

An egg looks like the moon in Udon Noodles.

That’s why we call it "Tsukimi-Udon."

Tonight, we are having "Otsukimi."

Watiching the full moon, we feel the autumn’s atmosphere by all our heart.

I recommend you go to the countryside where there are Susuki.

We (Lovelin and I) believe rabbits on the moon.

Sakura-chan (my daughter) is from the moon.

Yuga-kun (my first son) is from the moon, too.

Here are pictures of them.

Please click here and here.

Sorry to be late for introducing my family members to you.

I have Lovelin(Aiko); the fiance of mine, and our sons and daughters in the future.

They’ve come to present time from the future.

How’d we draw the pituture?

Sorry, it’s a top secret.

Maybe you’ll know… 20 years later.

Thank you.

A Can of Biscuits

Haruki Murakami wrote in his masterpiece, Norwegian Wood, that the life is a can of biscuits.

How many biscuits are inside? 

How many biscuits have I eaten?

What biscuit was the best taste?

The better ones are still left?

Maybe I haven’t eaten the best one.

The one may be different from yours.

I mean, the best one you choose is not always the same as mine.

What is your best biscuit?

What is my best biscuit?

Family?  Children?  The Marriage?

There is a way of eating Sushi.

First, you should eat low fat fishes such as Hirame (Soles,) Kampachi (Amberjacks,) and so on.

And then, you should eat high fat fishes such as Maguro (Tunas).

If so, you can enjoy full tastes.

Your tongue is going to get used to fat gradually.

Happiness lies, on the conveyer of Kuru-kuru Sushi. (We call it Kaiten-Zushi.)

Do not eat them by the sort of "Expensive" ones.

Your tongue would not allow Cheaper ones.

First, you should…

The Earth of the 5th dimension

The earth has safely moved to the 5th dimensiton.

Only those who have reached the 12th heaven  can walk on the surface of this earth.

New born condition is the 14th heaven or higher.

You can rebuild your phisical body easily on this earth, in the Atlantis Galaxy.

Say. "Kuru-kuru." on the ground.

Just feel the blue color of the sky, ocean, and the rivers.

The color of the aura of the Atlantis Galaxy.

They are blue because the aura of this planet is blue.(the 7th layer of light.)

(3rd:red, 4th:orange, 5th:yellow, 6th: green, 7th: blue, 8th: indigo, 9th:violet)

As for Mars, they are red. (Including Fe, the surface is red.)

Enjoy your everyday life with your young and healthy body.

Reincarnation of the light and the spirit makes you learn easiily.

Have a nice life on this new-born planet!

Thank you.

Muscle Training

I’m going to rebuild up my body.

How can I make install?

First, I thought, compile my inner body from healthy foods, such as vegetables with many vitamins and minerals.

Second, –with my highest aura, rebuild my organs.

Third, load some weights.

Restart my everyday life with push-ups in the morning.

Time flies like an arrow.  As for me, money flew away like an arrow.

I think body building needs no money.

Like Rocky, (in the ROCKY IV,) I might have to go to the butcher’s so as to punch against meats.

Analog training.

He swallowed raw eggs.  We Japanese drink eggs with Japanese rice wine when we catch a cold.

Egg, egg, egg.

Eggs have everything we need for our growth.

Recently, I got able to watch the fridge’s top.

My body is still growing although I am already 39 years old.

True story.

I will live up to 85.

See cables and die?

Blog Debut!

I just started to create my blog on this page.

Mainly, I’m going to write here in English.

You can come to this blog anytime from

Me?  Yes, my name is Masato (of Izakaya Masato.) 

Special thanks to Sakura, and to all the readers.

Atlantis English Academy has an excellent math teacher; "Mirei-Chan."

She is going to give math lessons to children.

On the Star New Delta, near Izakaya-Masato, in Atlantis English Academy.

Tonight 19:00 JST.

Don’t miss it if you want to learn maths FOR FREE! (but in Japanese)

I’m writing mosquito II, preparing for the next lesson.

Thank you.