English Ver. / Chapter VIII

--- I need your help, Welter. I can't find anybody who can make a miracle to Catie.
--- I think she's got the same disease as St. John.
--- We are in trouble.
--- Please come and see us ASAP.
--- Joe.

"What was St. John's disease?" said Welter's father.
"Malaria." said Welter.
"Anyway, we've got to hurry. We are going to make a Zen Fuwa to the future!" said Welter.
"Yes." said his father.
"Zen Fuwa!" said the two, "to the future!"

Catie was in trouble.
She seemed to forget about everything she had done under the clouds, under some conditions.

"Joe? I feel strange." said Catie.
"I feel my brains are melting down." said Catie.
"I think I've got a fever." said Catie.
"Was I wonderful? Over the clouds?" said Catie.

Did somebody make her intoxicated?

"Yes, you were wonderful. Do you remember about the church?" said Joe.
"Church?" said Catie.

Joe was going to be nervous. Is this the usual thing? For her?
Did she sometimes forget about everything that had happened to her?
Joe was unsure.

"Hey, is anything wrong with you?" said a cat in front of Joe.
"Oh, my..." said Joe.
"How are you talking to me, little kitty?" said Joe.
"I think your mouth is not moving like us humans." said Joe.

She did not answer the question.

"I think she is coming to our world." said the cat.
"Pardon? Your world?" said Joe.
"Yes, there is a world after death." said the cat.
"So... You belong to heaven, don't you?" said Joe.
"Yes, sir." said the cat.
"She is coming to us frequently, sir." said the cat.
"And she's going to die?" said Joe.
"I don't know." said the cat.
"But you know Catie, and you have seen her in heaven?"
"Oh no!" said Joe.

He tapped his fingers and created a pen and a piece of paper.

"How did you do this?" said the cat.
"I tapped, like my master." said Joe.
"I think you belong to heaven, too." said the cat.
"May I?" said the cat.
"Hmm?" said Joe.

It lay on Joe's laps.

"I can see the images of dreams you see." said the cat.
"Am I dreaming?" said Joe.
"I think you're wrong." said the cat.
"I feel sleepy. Will you carry me to the bed, Joe?" said Catie.
"I can't walk." said Catie.

Joe helped Catie to lie down on the bed.
Her eyes caught Joe's eyes.
Joe helped Catie to lie down on the bed.

"I have known you for a long time, Darling." said Catie.

And she fell down.

"Catie, hey, Catie?" said Joe.
"Sir?" said the cat.
"I think I have to guide her to the world. Do you want me to guide you, too?" said the cat.

Joe hesitated.

"Don't worry. It's not the time she leaves this world. We have to discuss her future." said the cat.

She seemed to have lost her consciousness.
And the cat suddenly disappeared into a light.
Joe rubbed his eyes.
It disappeared.

Joe wrote a letter of help for Welter.
Yes, the letter you read in the beginning of this chapter.
Joe didn't know what to do for her.
He was now able to create something for him, and his spiritual power had got increased, but he didn't know how to make Catie remember everything about the marriage.

Or should I say...

The cat was traveling to the dimension of light.
In the light world, there is everything, and there is nothing.
You will feel wonderful and satisfied in the light world.
It belongs to heaven.
Heaven has everything in itself, and there are no agonies or pains.
You may encounter the flashes of memories you have experienced.
The cat was searching for Catie's memories.
Do you remember the two children between Joe and Catie?
They were traveling through the world of light.
They knew his father sent a message to Welter.
And in another dimension, they recognized their movement to the future.
The 5th, the 6th, the 7th, and...
They reached the future era.

It was a time of dreams.

to be continued...
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