English Ver. / Chapter III

The King went into the church, without thinking anything.

"I like to be here." said the King.

All around him were a lot of candles without fire.

The king tapped his fingers.

All the candles caught fire.

Yes, he has got a spiritual power.

He tried to remember something.

Something special happened in his old days.


He rose his feet and walked toward the virgin road.

With his eyes closed, he remembered his wife's face.

"Oh, dear. I miss you!" said the King.

"Who's there?" said somebody.

"Oh, sorry. I am." said the King.

"I thought the candles were off." said the man.

"If you mind, I will put them out." said the King and tapped his finger again.

"All the candles, off!" said the King.

And all of a sudden, all the candles were put out.

Outside the church, it was raining heavily.

Another lightning struck the church.

Somebody screamed.

"No! Why on earth do I have to appear like this?" said a lady.

"Oh, sorry, my dear." said the King. "I was lonely."

"Why not be here? In the church?" said the King.

"I said to you in my heart, 'I missed you.'" said the King.

"And then you appeared." said the King.

"Please be careful on the groundside. You've got a special power." said the lady.

"It seems to be." said the King.

"Mister? If you don't mind, We would like to be here for another moment." said the King.

"With candles on?" said the man.

"Yes?" he tapped his finger again.

"Music, start!" said the King.

A pipe organ started to play the music he liked.

The King was a great fan of classical music.

Especially, Bach.

"I want to confess something, my dear." said the King.

"NO. Not again on the ground!" said the Queen.

"OK, then. I'll keep it in my heart." said the King.

"I want to see my daughter's face as soon as possible." said the King.

"You mean, Catie?" said the Queen.

"Yes." said the King. "I feel lonely and I wonder where Joe had gone."

His finger touched something.

Two lightnings struck the church again.

"I wonder what is happening to the church." said Welter.

Four lightnings struck the church in an hour.

Something strange must be happening.

And he wondered where Catie was.

He tried to fly to the church.

A lot of heavy rain was falling to the ground.

He couldn't fly in the rain as he was a mosquito.

Well, the King had the same eyes as Catie.

Dark green, just like the woods she was born in.

And in the same light could be seen a deep kindness and a little loneliness.

In heaven, he acted like a King, of course.

But on the ground, he was just a man in loneliness.

He couldn't forget what happened while he was alive.

To be continued...
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