English Ver. / Chapter IX

The little two guided St. John, making him Zen Fuwa again.

And they did, too.

Thier master stayed at his room, of course.

"I'm watching you!" said he.

"Go to St. John's country, in the present time!" said their master.

It was America.

His body had already gone in the tropical rain forest, but he got a new body.

Healthier, and more handsome.

To the western part, three lights went.

There, can you see?

"Oh, much bigger than my master's house!" said the little two.

"There's also a large backyard!" said the younger of the two.

He stepped onto the grond, near the approach.

"I'm a little nervous. Can she recognize me? I'm wondering." said St. John.

Two birds were flying above the roof of his house, singing merrily.

"He's home! He's home!" said the two birds.

The neighbor's dog recognized him, barking.

"We were missing you, John!" said the dog.

But all he could hear was the song they sang and the bark the dog made.

He tried to push the doorbell.

His forefinger sank into the doorbell, and he couldn't touch the doorbell.

"Oh, no. I think I'm still dead."

And then, their master said to him, "Have you made 'Kuru-Kuru' twice?"

"That's it!" said St. John. "I haven't yet!"

He made Kuru-Kuru twice.

The doorbell rang.

"Hello? This is me. Mother?"

His mother immediately knew it was St. John. How could she forget his voice?

She was waiting for his coming back, but the government had sent her a sad information.

At first, she felt she heard wrong.

But she realized that THE DOORBELL RANG!

"Is... is it you? St.John?" said she.

"YEAH!!!!!!!" said St. John. "I'm home!"

He broke into tears.

"I was so missing you, and I dreamed about you when I was in the tropical rain forest."

She could feel her only son's skin, wet by the drops of his tears.

"Welcome back home, St John." said his mother in a very little voice.

It was all that she could say to his son, and she broke into tears, too.

It was a very long time.

A very, very long time for the two.

She never gave away the will that she met him again in the future.

The hope came true.

Since his childhood, St. John was stronger than any other boy in his school.

And he led the baseball team as a captain, and his team won the regional tournament when he was eighteen.

Without the war, she would not have got so older.

"Master?" said St. John. "May I stay here?"

His master was strongly moved, and he tapped his fingers.

"I know you've done well, and I'll allow you to keep the total body."

"Can you hear me, St. John?" said the master. "I'll make you alive again."

He tapped his fingers.

"Now, you're done, St. John!" said the master.

"Thank you very much! And I have a request. Please make my mother live longer." said St. John.

"Longer? That's very easy!" said his master. "Just make her into Fuwa-Fuwa mode, and rebuild her body, making some options, like 'Younger, healthier and without wrinkles!'"

"And then?"

"Say 'rebuild!' and tap on top of her head." said the master. "Don't forget to make 'Kuru-Kuru' twice."

He did, with the help of the little two.

His mother got younger and beautiful.

"Thank you, thank you very much!" said his mother.

The two birds were watching the miracle, and went into the direction of the church.

"St. John has come back! St. John has come back! He's alive!"

The woods heard them, and all the mates he got felt something good had happened.

The village was surrounded with a strong light.


Secretly, Joe and Catie were following him.

To be continued...
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