English Ver. / Chapter III

"Oedo, Alright?" said the master.

"Alright." said Joe.

"Why don't we...?"

"Zen Fuwa!" said the guests altogether.

"I'll be waiting." said the master.

"Why don't you come with us?" said Welter.

"I can't. But I can see your voices from this PC."

"See our voices?" asked Welter.

"Yes. Like this." said the master.

We would like you to be the king of all the mosquitoes.

"Do you remember? Joe?"

"Oh! This is...!" said Joe.

Yes, it was the timing Joe went to heaven in the past.

"I saw these letters when you died last time, Ka-kun."

He smiled.

"Like this, in the verbose mode, I can see the letters and their vibrations." said the master.

"So, even if I am blind in the other dimensions, I can see the letters. Just keep in touch with me. When you are in need of help, I can help you." said the master.

"I see, mister." said Welter.

But he didn't understand him. He intended to write letters from Oedo.

"Mmm... Mister? Can you see these letters?"

Welter showed him so tiny letters.


He laughed.

"Just talk to me like usual, and I can read your light."

"Oh, I see."

"I can't even hear your voice." said the master.

"OK, then." He said, "I'll make a tap for you."

"To Oedo era, around 18xx, Uraga! Make a Zen Fuwa."

"Zen Fuwa!"

The four arrived at the beach.

The audience was there, seemed panicked.

They were yelling and running.

Some were pointing at the horizon.

"What is it?" said Welter's father.

"I don't know...?" said Welter.

"Mister? Can you hear me?" said Joe.

They sensed his vibration and it seemed he nodded.

"Why are they in panic?" "Isn't it dangerous?"

"Ask them." they heard their master's voice.

"Hey, what is happening here?" said Welter's father.

"Four Huge Black Ships have come to us!"
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