English Ver. / Chapter I

Welter was flying toward the direction of the center of the Atlantis Galaxy.
He had two swords with him, like a samurai.


He reincarnated into a human at last, like Joe and Catie.

His adventure to the past made it possible for him.

You may wonder what had become of him.

But, please let yourself know gradually.

Sorry for inconvenience.

“Father, I’m wondering if this is alright.” said Welter.
“No problem. Just tell me where we are going.” said his father.
“To the future. To the point when our master is in trouble.”
“OK. Well, it is strange to be a mosquito.” said his father.
“Don’t worry. No problem.” said Welter.

His father was now in a mosquito style.
He lent his clothes to Welter, and his body was inside his sleeve.

“I don’t know if I can use two swords.” said Welter.
“You don’t have to use them at a time.” said his father.
“Only one sword, you usually use.” said his father.
“What about the other?” said Welter.
“I don’t know how to describe it. But it is certain that you will save your life with it when you’re in danger.” said his father.
“Oh, I see.” said Welter.

Welter and his father was traveling beyond the 5th dimension.
Time and Space, adding Love is in this dimension.
Yes, the heaven starts at this level.

Did they die?
No, no, no.
Like you, they just made a Zen Fuwa, and something strange happened.

Welter was accustomed to reincarnating into a fairy, and reincarnating into another creature was the first attempt for his father,.

Welter learned some lessons from the life in Oedo, and could reincarnate into a human.
His father, as a beginner, of course, reincarnated into a mosquito. So, now his father’s swords were by Welter’s side, protecting from their enemies.

“There they are exploding!” said his father.
“Too late?” Welter upset.

A total darkness surrounded the witch’s body, and she exploded into pieces.
A strange aura, like a black smoke, came out of the room and it disappeared.

“Who are they?” said his father.
“My master. A teacher.”

“Oops. Who are you?” said St. John.
“Mmm? Sorry, I might have come to a wrong room.” said Welter.

“Father, I’m wondering if I could be a mosquito again.” said Welter.
“No, no. Have these swords with you very carefully.” said his father.
“What should I do…? If only Joe were here.” said Welter.

At that time, Joe’s ears sensed his voice.
“Who is it? Who is talking outside?” said Joe.
“Joe? Can you hear me?” said his FATHER.
“You know who he is?” said Welter.
“So long time to see you!” said his father.

To be continued…

written by Masato Iwakiri
copyright(c) 2012 Atlantis英語総合学院 All Rights Reserved.
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