English Ver. / Chapter VII

"Who are you?" asked somebody.

"I'm Welter. The mosquito."

"Whether you are a mosquito or not, if you are male, you cannot come to the moon."

It was the princess of the moon.

"Because the moon belongs to women."

"I'm sorry to be here. I'll get back." said Welter.

"Wait. What made you come here?" said the princess of the moon.

"and do you happen to know how to get here?"

"Yes, I made a Zen Fuwa." said Welter. "and the answer to the first question is... that I wanted to meet Joe or my father. Do you know how to get back to the past?"

"Sorry. I know, but it's a top secret," said the princess of the moon.

"because it can be dangerous for you."


"Yes. Sometimes, the future can change."

"If it works properly, you may have a good future, but that's one of the cases."


"Also, there is no past in the Atlantis Galaxy, you see?" said the princess of the moon.

"I don't understand." said Welter.

"OK, then. I'll send you to your father immediately." said the princess.

"Without knowing where he is?" said Welter.

"Yes." she smiled.

After she made a command, Welter found flying above the red carpet.

"Oh? I wonder what I was doing." said Welter to himself.

"Here you are." said a beautiful lady in Kimono.

"Thank you, I'll be glad to." said a samurai with two swords.

"Wait, wait, wait." said Welter.

"That man's eyes have the same light of mine!"

He flew to the man, beside his neck.

"Why is my father a human? Mmm...?"

He was confused.

"Oh? Somebody is talking to me. Who are you? Is it you, Mosquito?"

Welter was very surprised.

"Can you hear me speaking?"

"Yes, in a very little voice."

"It is strange, of you, mister. To have a conversation with a mosquito." said the lady in Kimono.

"Is it?" said the samurai.

"Today, windy. The sky is blue. Why not follow me? I've got to meet my friend, who is sick now." said the samurai.

"Who are you talking to?" said the other two.

"To both of you."

Welter followed him.

On the side, where they were, was a Japanese style cafe.

He was having a cup of Japanese green tea on the street.

and the other side, there ran a river.

That river was called "Sumida-gawa."

"Excuse us two." said the samurai to a boatman.

They traveled on the boat, to the nearest point where his friend was.

"I... I'm so glad to have a date with you, mister! On such a sunny day." said the lady in Kimono.

"You see? There are cherry blossoms on the bank. Let us get there." said the samurai.

Welter hesitated to ask him where they were, as the two were in a very good mood.

"I would like you to stay here, until I come back." said the samurai.

"Why? I'll follow you." said the lady.

"No, no. He's got a disease in his chest."

"Oh, you mean..."

"Yes, pneumonia." said the samurai.

to be continued...
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