English Ver. / Chapter I

This is the story of love.
Love changes itself into various things, and it consists of light.

What has happened to the mosquitoes?
Where are they?

Now, let’s seek for their figures.

“Oh? Another master?” said Welter.
“No, no, no. It’s me! Joe.”
“Hey, what has happened to you? You’re a human! That witch?”
“No, I finally reincarnated into human. Here with me, Catie.”
“Who are you talking to, Joe?” said Catie.
“Welter. Don’t you recognize him?” said Joe.
“Where is he? Are you talking to a ghost?” said Catie.
“Nah… Hey, Darling. Just remember the days when we were mosquitoes!” said Joe.

In the strange dimension, has Catie forgotten almost everything?

“I can’t remember. Was I a mosquito? I’m sure I was a fairy.”
“Oh! Sorry.” said Joe, “Here is Welter, the mosquito.”
“Mmm… Oh, the one who saved me!”
“Yes, yes, yes! Now you’ve remembered me, ma’am.” said Welter.

But, she can’t hear his voice. Too little voice and too high vibration.

“What happened to you, Joe and Catie?” said Welter.
Joe answered.
“I went abroad. I made an Atlantis Rebel and went to a tropical rain forest to strengthen my poison. I had to save my master and young lives.”
“You went abroad, and that was the reason why I missed you.” said Welter.
“Thanks for saying so.”
“If you don’t mind, I would…” said Welter.
“NO! I’m not your master!” Joe laughed.
“Where is he?” said Welter.
“He is now in the center of the Atlantis Galaxy. The same place, you know.”
“Why don’t we…?”

“Zen Fuwa!”
“Catie, can you hear me? Zen Fuwa!”

Catie met Welter for the first time in three weeks. Long time, for mosquitoes.
Oh, sorry. I should have said, fairies.

They changed themselves into fairies. Now, Welter had very strong wings.

“We’re home, master!”
“Oh, long time no see! Where have you been?”

“Joe, in the tropical rain forest. Me, in the universe. And Catie…?” said Welter.
“I graduated from Magic School.” said Catie.

“Congrats, Catie.” said the master, “Now, you’re fairies. No need to give my blood.”
“Oh.” Welter disappointed.

“How about some drink instead?”
“Thank you!”

He tapped his fingers and made an excellent tomato juice.
“Will you talk to me about your adventure, Joe,” said the master, “over the tomato juice?”
“Of course, mister. I will.” said Joe.

It was in the tropical rain forest that I met St. John.
He told me that he was there after he came back to his country from the war in Viet Nam.
He said he had lost his life in 1970’s. As he came back, he couldn’t appear himself again.
His parents were still waiting for him.

And then, I taught him how to get to the universe and to reincarnate into another creature.
I recommended that he should become a mosquito, as a beginner.

He was a soldier, and had a very strong heart of justice.
He wanted to be stronger, like you, Welter.

“Thank you.”

He said he wanted to save little lives from Malaria. He died of Malarial fever. But, we wondered what we could do because we were mosquitoes.

So, we decided to try to make a contact to malarial mosquitoes.

“Had we better get armed?” said St. John.
“I think that we’d better show our friendship to them first.” said Joe.
“But how?”
“Give some blood?”
“Whose blood?”

Joe’s story goes on. But, it’s time to say good-bye now.

Thanks for reading.

To be continued…
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