English Ver. / Chapter VI

On a shiny morning of August, Catie was born. If you take a careful look at her, she would not seem to be a mosquito. In other words, she was a fairy. Catie took after her beautiful mother, whose wings are very light, strong, like those of honeybees. She could fly higher than any other fairy and talk with the wind.

"Morning, Catie. How are you?"

"Good morning, Mr. Wind. Very sleepy. How are you?"

"I'm fine, thank you."

"Is there anything I can do for you today?" said Mr. Wind.

"Hmm… I would like to make some friends." said Catie.

"Want to go to fairy school?"

"Wow, that's great!"

"OK, then. I'll make an appointment for you."

"No, sir. I will do it myself. Mother would be glad if I bring some fairies with me."

She looked around. She was in a small forest.

"Where is it, Mister?" said Catie.

"Can you see wooden bridges over the brooks?"

"No. I'll go higher." She flew up. "Oh, there they are!"

"Students learn in the circus near the bridges, I'll let you ride my back and…"

She had already got off towards the river.

"Catie, Catie! Just remember one thing." said Mr. Wind.

"Do not fly faster than the winds! There are some strange dimensions around there!"

Her heart was filled with joy, and the words of his kindness could not reach her ears.

"Thank you, mister!" said Catie. I've never seen such…"

She disappeared. Mr. Wind listened carefully, but there were no words after that.

She was already in a strange dimension.

"Catie, oh, Catie!" Mr. Wind knew there was no method of saving her. What would the forest do to her destiny? Could she take care of herself alone?

A total silence covered the small forest.

Catie disappeared.
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