English Ver. / Chapter V

While the Great King's soul soar up into the space, his parents were waiting for him to come.

"Joe!!" his mother said.

"Mother? Where are you? Am I dead?"

"Yes. Oh, long time no see. We saw you fighting against ghosts."

"Great Job. I've never thought you were so brave." said his father, with tears in his eyes.

"Now, here is a great offer." said his father.

"What is it?" Joe said.

'We would like you to be the King of all the mosquitoes.'

These were the words from all the mosquitoes. He saw the letters above.

"Why are they written in red?" Joe said.

"The Brave Blood, huh." said his father.

"What nice blood your master has!" said his mother.

"Yes, it's so delicious and strong. I'm going to miss it."

"Why don't you accept the mosquitoes' offer and join our soul group?"

"Why not? Of course I do!" Joe said.

There was a little mosquito watching them from the ceiling.

"Who is it?" Joe said. His parents looked up. Yes, he has the third eye.

"Oh, Catie! C'mon, Joe has just finished his life."

Joe's heart began pounding again. Now, he had the stronger body.

"Joe, this is..."

Joe blushed. In fact, this was the first time he saw a pretty mosquito.

"I'm Catie. I was so afraid. I couldn't do anything for you. Sorry about that."

Joe was too shy to say nice things.

"I... er I can't think of anything. Sorry about that."

They smiled.

Two weeks later, they got married.

Why do I know such things? You ask me? It's because I am in the same soul group. The Great King's Central Sun.

When you're dead, your soul soars up into the space, and the guides will appear.

Maybe the same face, the same atmosphere.

You'll know and recognize them immediately.

Me? Yes, I'm single. I'm always looking up at the ceiling.

Blood is thicker than anything, I thought. But, I was wrong.

Soul is thicker than blood.

Now I'm trying very hard to be stronger. I might have to get reborn as a different insect. I hate flies, but I want to eat watermelons. Juicy red watermelons.

Don't worry. Our story goes on and on until some day my master becomes a real writer.

I have to leave you now. I have to fly across the ceiling.


No, this is my duty.
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