English Ver. / Chapter III

The mosquito was called Joe, the King of all the mosquitoes. He had the sixth sense and the third eye like my master. Like a fortune teller, you know, his hearing ability was beyond that of ours. His poison was so strong that no animals could ever move again when he gave a shot.

His heart sank. Too delicate to give a shot again. No blood could be given to him. He got weaker and weaker, until one day when my master appeared in front of him.

"Ka-kun. You all right? If you're hungry, you can get a shot, about here."

My master kindly pointed to his right arm. A thick blood vessel seemed as if it were calling him. Joe rushed toward his right arm, sticking his mouth into the vessel.

"Oh, it's so delicious! Very kind of you."

My master told him not to pour any poison into his body. Joe carefully pulled out his mouth. His eyes now seemed very vigorous.

This is how they got familiar with each other.

My master knows how to attract mosquitoes, I think. No mosquitoes have ever succeeded in hating him. This is the story from my dead father. I'll have to tell this story, some day, to my sons.

Suddenly, my master began fighting against ghosts. But it seemed that he couldn't see their figures well.

Joe appeared and said, "I'll be your eyes and do my best, sir."

"Thanks. Give me your position."

"Right beside your neck."

"How many enemies?"

"About five, sir."

It is sure that my master is very strong, but ghosts appeared again and again in his room.

"Can you use your poison? To them?"

"Yes, sure, of course!"

"Wait. I'll give you an X-ray." He just tapped his fingers.

Joe convinced his victory. He took four. The last one had a gun in his hand.

"Just take care! He's very dangerous."

"No problem, sir. It's a..."

There was an explosion. A big fire started to surround my master, in the 4th dimension.

"NO!" Joe screamed and attacked to his last enemy tearfully.

He got the last, wounded.

"Thank you, sir, for feeding me."

"No problem. Do not die. You mustn't die now."

He was bleeding. My master tried showering an alpha wave to his body, only to succeed in relieving him.

"Thank you, mister. I feel light and no pain."

"You don't!"

"I wonder if I can see my parents again."

"You can, you can, of course. I... I've got to... Yes! Transfusion!"

"No sir. I just want to get a good shot."

He managed to reach the vessel and stuck his mouth into it.

He didn't move. He seemed to be sleeping.

"Ka-kun, are you...?"

His body was still there, but his soul had gone into the space again.

A very strong light flew up.

"Ka-kun, I understand." My master nodded.

His soul is now in my master's, still saving him from his enemies.

We will never forget his bravery and this story must be passed down forever.
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